"Houston? Let's name the town Adventure!"

Zestfully Lame

H-town and the surrounding areas have been making all kindsa' lists lately, what with Sugar Land being named a Great American Town, and Houston surprisingly nabbing the title of the third skinniest city in the country.

But that's all fuzzy math as far as the brain trust at Zest is concerned. According to a special study conducted by the soap mongers, Houston is the 43rd most adventurous city in the nation. Check out the list here.

Which city is the most adventurous? San Francisco. Second? Boston. Somehow, we rank lower than Columbus (Ohio, not Texas), Buffalo (New York, not Texas), Tucson and even Hartford. Hartford? Clearly the folks conducting this experiment never drove down I-10 or hung out at the downtown bus station. That shit's adventurous.

It's dizzying trying to figure out Zest's testing methods. But who are we to doubt the acumen of a company that created a jingle like "You're not fully clean unless you're Zestfully clean!"? We're just lowly Irish Spring users. -- Steven Devadanam

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