10 Food-Related Life Hacks, Thanks to Reddit

A wise man once told me, "All good things come from Reddit." Sure, I found this man on Reddit, but somehow, I believe him. So we perused the life hack section (the number of ways you can use pool noodles is just limitless, you guys) for some kitchen and food-related hacks.

EOW readers, we give you the Top 10 Food Hacks from Reddit (thank you, Reddit man, thank you):

10. Water Bottle Yolk Separator Did you know you can separate an egg using a plastic water bottle? Now while we find this completely unnecessary, it's soooo cool-looking. Plus if you try it, you can make a YouTube video and get over 800,000 hits. Hooza!

9. Marshmallow Cupcake Frosting

Out of frosting? No problem! Place a marshmallow on top of each cupcake during the last five minutes of baking. Voilà! Gooey and delicious marshmallow frosting.

8. Spaghetti Stick Candle Lighter

If you don't have a long candle lighter, light the end of a piece of spaghetti to get to those hard-to-reach candle wicks.

Just having a reason to set spaghetti on fire is enough for us to want to try this one.

7. Widen That Ketchup Cup

Are you one of those special people who get ketchup all over their hands while feverishly dipping their fries into that tiny paper cup? Well, do we have a secret for you! Unroll the outer rim of the tiny paper cup. Max capacity reached.

Dip away, our friends. Dip away.

6. Boom. Bacon Pancakes.

That was the name of this post on Reddit...and we love it. Cook slices of bacon on a flat griddle, pour pancake batter into a bacon shape directly over the bacon and BOOM! Bacon Pancakes.

5. Frozen Grapes as Wine Chillers

Prefer ice in your wine? Freeze grapes instead of ice cubes to prevent the watering down of your drink. Boom. Bacon Pancakes. Sorry.

4. Bottle Top Dispenser

Cut off the top of a wide-mouthed plastic juice bottle, leaving about 2 inches of the bottle and the twist-off top. Place cut bottle over an opened bag of chocolate chips (or things like dried fruit, nuts, rice or sugar) and pull the opened part of the bag through the bottle opening. Fold the bag outwards over itself and the bottle opener and screw the cap on to close (pictograph here). Now you can save the bag and dispense without the mess.

3. Duct Tape Lid Opener

When your jar is being pesky and the lid is stuck, instead of banging it on the counter and screaming like a maniac only to give up and dip your tortilla chips into raspberry jelly as you sob hysterically, try this trick: Wrap double-stacked duct tape under and around one side of the lid, leaving one end of the duct tape off to pull. Now plant your feet...and pull! Ta-da!

It may not work every time, but at least this way you won't get the cops called on you by your neighbors...

2. Dental Floss Cake Slicer

Use dental floss (unscented -- unless you're crazy like that) to quickly, neatly and evenly slice soft cakes, cheeses and gross gelatin desserts that no one really wants to try but your second cousin brought it so you have to put it out on the dessert table anyway.

1. Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew

It's been a rough day. The only thing getting you through is that beautiful bottle of wine waiting for you at home. You kick off your shoes, prancercise to the kitchen counter, open the drawer to grab the opener and...wait. Where in the hell is your wine opener!?! Your goddamn roommate took it again, didn't she? LAUREN!!!!!!

Have no fear, a nail and a hammer will do. Just pound in a nail at a slight angle. Then, grabbing the neck of the bottle and the nail, carefully pull the nail and the cork out at the same time. This also works wonderfully with a thick screw and a pliers (put the screw in one in straight) or a serrated knife (press the knife and gently twist while pulling upward at the same time).

And if those fail, there are about a million other wine-opening hacks on Reddit, too. Lauren's lucky you're so resourceful.

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