10 Pumpkin Dishes to Try in Houston: #9 Pumpkin Fudge at Chocolat du Monde

In 2010, I had a grand ol' time scouring Houston for outstanding pumpkin dishes. One year later I'm older, definitely not wiser, and still in love with orange squash. So from now until Thanksgiving I'll be counting down (again) 10 Pumpkin Dishes to Try in Houston. Forks at the ready!

#9 Pumpkin Fudge at Chocolat du Monde

Last year, Chocolat du Monde garnered the #10 spot on my pumpkin list for their Pumpkin Cheesecake Balls. Although they may have only moved up one "official" notch this year, the pumpkin fudge not just marginally better.

I enjoyed the pumpkin cheesecake balls for their rich squash-caramel flavor, but the fudge boasts an even bolder punch of pumpkin in addition to a wonderful sparkle of allspice and nutmeg. Its creamy, almost milky consistency is also a nice change from the grainier textures of many of pumpkin desserts.

Although most confections demand a complementary glass of milk, I suggest something a bit lighter for the super-sweet fudge, like a strong cup of apple-cinnamon tea. The light notes of apple are appropriately autumnal and the cinnamon will keep your blood sugar reasonably in check.

Three good-size pieces of Chocolat de Monde's pumpkin fudge will set you back around $2. And if you eat all three in one sitting, it will also cost you an afternoon's worth of productivity on your dissertation for the food coma that follows.

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