100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Dishes 2013-2014: No. 40, Canestri alla Funghi at Paulie's

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All of the pasta at Paulie's is made fresh in-house, by a pasta extruder that pops out the prettiest little canestri and bucatini you've ever seen. The fresh pasta is, of course, part of what makes this dish so good. The rest is the sauce and the two varieties of earthy mushrooms that endow the pasta with a beautiful, rustic fragrance.

The dish makes use of both crimini and shiitake mushrooms for a slight variance in the flavor profile. The crimini mushrooms provide a soothing, mellow taste, while the shiitake mushrooms have a meaty, slightly sour umami flavor that permeates the sauce.

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Kaitlin Steinberg