100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Dishes 2013: No. 67, Bad-Ass Hambur-Torta at Pistolero's

This year, leading up to our annual Menu of Menus issue, Kaitlin Steinberg counts down her 100 favorite dishes as she eats her way through Houston. She'll compile a collection of the dishes she thinks are the most awesome, most creative and, of course, most delicious in town. It's a list of personal favorites, things she thinks any visitor or Houstonian ought to try at least once and dishes that seem particularly indicative of the ever-changing Houston foodscape. It's a list to drool over.

My dad was recently in town for a visit, and after eating fairly healthy food on the first several days of his trip, we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves. We hadn't yet given in to our normal father/daughter dining whims, which tend to include a lot of carbs and a lot of ice cream. I was trying to figure out where to take him next when he stood up from the sofa across from me and uttered a shocking proclamation:

"I want a burger. Like, a big, crazy burger with everything on it. A big, meaty, over-the-top burger."

At first I was confused, and I assumed he was kidding.

"OK, OK, hang on," I said, rolling my eyes. "Give me a second. I'm trying to think of a really good salad place."

"No," he said, his eyes widening in anticipation. "I mean it. I want a big, sloppy burger."

"Well, then," I said. "If you're sure ... I know just the place."

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Kaitlin Steinberg