12 Houston Chefs with Celebrity Doppelgangers: Restaurant Weeks Edition

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It's Doppelganger time! See which Houston local chef tried to steal a kiss from Natalie Portman and who plays for the MLB in his spare time.

And don't forget to support Houston Restaurant Week by visiting the chef's restaurants all month long (special bonus: if you sneak into the kitchen without getting arrested, you can compare the lookalikes in person).

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12. Jeff Axline vs. Vincent Cassel

This newest executive banquet chef at Hotel Zaza chef looks eerily familiar. Did we see him backstage at Swan Lake...or was it heisting a jeweled Fabergé egg opposite Brad Pitt? Wait, maybe it was at Brooklyn Athletic Club. We can't remember.

11. Brandi Key vs. Natalie Maines

Executive chef of Coppa and 1/3 of the country trio the Dixie Chicks. For a taste of Key's delicate Italian dishes, we are ready to make nice.

10. David Denis vs. Titus Welliver (aka the Smoke Monster)

This chef and co-owner of Artisans, let's just call him the Man in White, should never get Lost.

9. Kevin Bryant vs. Fabio Viviani

The Eleven XI executive chef and Bravo personality are both Top Chefs in our book.

8. David Luna vs. Johnny Damon

We can't believe genius chef behind Line & Lariat managed to do a stint with both the Red Sox and Yankees. Busy man.

7. Elouise Adams Jones vs. Cloris Leachman

One's the chef and owner of Ouisie's Table and The Bird & The Bear. The other is an Emmy and Academy Award winning actress. Both prove women can do it all.

6. David Grossman vs. Horshack

We just want to keep welcoming ourselves back, and back, and back to this chef's restaurant, Federal American Grill.

5. Joe Macri vs. Bill Paxton

We have Big Love for this Executive Chef of Up Restaurant.

4. Johann Schuster vs. Gru

The Charivari chef reminds us of a happier, post-adoption Gru. It'd be despicable not to try his food.

3. Carlos Rodriguez vs. Steve Schirripa

The masterful Executive Chef ofVic & Anthony's has a little Bobby 'Bacala' thing going for him. We wouldn't come between him and his kitchen.

2. Amanda Mcgraw vs. Laurie Metcalf circa the early '90s.

Rumor has it the former Brasserie 19 chef got her start at the Lanford Lunch Box with her sister Roseanne. Now you can find them both in Alaska.

1. Robert Del Grande vs. Bob Saget

This RDG Bar + Annie chef sure knows how to pack a Full House. There are always happy eaters Everywhere You Look. These guys both look great, but which one's Tanner?

Sorry. We're done now...

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.