$13 at Amazon Grill

Where: Amazon Grill, 5114 Kirby Drive, 713-522-5888.

What $13 gets you: An okay salad topped with normally stellar ceviche, and unlimited plantain chips and chimichurri.

I think of ceviche as something of a comfort food. Some days, I'm exhausted, or I'm having one of those girly moments that can only be sated with Abuelita's cooking. Waiting four hours to make my own ceviche isn't always an option (and besides being time-consuming, making my own is a little on the expensive side). Usually, I head over to Amazon. The lime-cooked fish and shrimp in Amazon's ceviche is nicely complemented with tangy bits of fruit, onion and cubed avocado, and perfect for warm, summery evenings.

After getting out of a string of finals, I was tired and had ceviche on the brain. I blearily ordered a ceviche appetizer, which, when coupled with the plantain chips and chimichurri, normally makes the perfect dinner. What arrived was a salad with ceviche ($9.75), a smaller portion of fish than normal. This was a little disappointing, as apparently the menu had changed. I checked online later that evening, and there was no more ceviche appetizer. At the time, I was too hungry, sleepy and just plain non-confrontational to say anything, so I ate it anyway. I just wish someone would have said something.

Tip: The free house-made plantain chips and chimichurri (chopped, not blended like a lot of versions) are out of this world. Coupled with $3.50 mojitos and margaritas, this is also a great way to skip an evening workout.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.