Dining Deals

$13 at Brothers Taco House

Photo by Paul Knight

Where: Brothers Taco House, 1604 Dowling St., 713-223-0091

What $13 gets you: More than enough food to feed us, a dining companion and a guy who was panhandling.

After we finished getting our food at Brothers Taco House, we walked out to the small patio and rain started pouring down, bringing in a man from the street who started dragging a plastic cup along the patio's wooden railing, saying, "Amigo, amigo, tienes dinero para comer."

We told him that we didn't have any cash but that he was welcome to one of the bulging egg tacos we had just purchased inside. "Yeah man, give it to me," he said. "I'm not trying to buy a beer, I'm hungry and I have a long way to go."

With that, the man sat down on a bench and ate the egg taco. He must have enjoyed it, because he hung around the patio asking for more food (and money) until one of the workers ran him off.

We had two tacos left -- they cost $1.50 each -- packed full of beans, eggs, peppers, cheese and beef. We felt a little guilty for not giving our friend from the street another one, because these tacos were so big that we couldn't finish even two. The best part of our meal, however, was the quesadilla, loaded with chunks of tender chicken and gooey white cheese.

We finished the quesadilla, no problem.

Our dining companion ordered the lunch special, which, on this day, was two beef enchiladas, covered in shredded cheddar cheese and sauce, refried beans and rice for $5.50. The enchiladas at Brothers, we were told, tasted great and more authentic than enchiladas from other Tex-Mex joints in town.

The only problem with the lunch special was that the enchiladas were so robust that it was nearly impossible to cut off a bite with the flimsy plastic fork.

Recommended? Absolutely, but if you really plan to dig in, pack your own silverware.

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Paul Knight
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