$13 at Gabby’s Barbecue and Ribs


: Gabby’s Barbecue and Ribs, 3101 N. Shepherd, 713-864-5049

What $13 gets you: A sampler plate ($9.99), a soft drink ($1.69) and your own police detail (priceless)

I’ve never been to Gabby’s on a weeknight without seeing at least two cops inside. This joint must be giving the po-po some kind of a super deal, or maybe HPD just loves the BBQ sauce. I personally find it a tad runny and vinegary, but that’s really my only complaint.

The brisket is nice and tender. The ribs, extra peppery. And the sausage, damn good enough. I went with the traditional side duo of ranch-style beans (with onions) and potato salad (extra chunky), and I wound up fuller than a tick on a bull’s ass, or something like that.

Recommended? Yessir, Officer. A buffet lets you load up on the fixins – jalapenos, pickles, onions, sour cream, the works – and the sodas come in those gigantic, bicep-building plastic cups. You really can’t go wrong here, unless you’ve got warrants out for your arrest.

Bonus point: Live music on Fridays and Saturdays. -- Keith Plocek

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