$13 at Gelato Blu

Where: Gelato Blu, 5710 Memorial, 713-880-5900

What $13 gets you: A simple and sweet dessert date for two.

Houston's weather during the winter time is undependable. This particular night, it was in the 40s and my companion was set on getting gelato, insisting we go to Gelato Blu. There was no problem staying in budget here -- the gelato (for a small, $3.60) was abundant, and they let us split flavors in our little cups.

I ended up with pistachio (simply amazing and light, despite being a nut flavor) and stracciotella (a sweet dream with dark chocolate), while my companion got mint chocolate chip. Since it was freaking cold outside, we also opted for tea ($1.50), which they had a surprisingly large amount of choices for, and a cappuccino ($3.10). My companion said that despite his paper cup, his cappuccino was perfection. We sat and enjoyed our sweet treats for a good time out of the cold, oblivious to the chilly outdoors.

After a few minutes of being the only couple in the place, there was a large rush of patrons that filled every seat in the place. Apparently more people crave gelato than I thought, even on cold nights.

Recommended: Oh, yes. Where else can you get two date-worthy desserts and drinks for under $13?

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