Dining Deals

$13 at Kraftsmen Baking

Where: Kraftsmen Baking, 4100C Montrose Blvd, 713-524-3737

What $13 gets you: Actually $10 will cover almost everything. They specialize in bread, pastries and for lunch, sandwiches made with that wonderful bread.

This was my first time for sandwiches here. First of all, they are very good. But they take waaaaay too long to get to you. That's why there's a couple chunks out of half the sandwich pictured with this post. I just a) couldn't wait any longer and I was really hungry and b) was getting pretty sure that what they had to offer wasn't very good since even with three people behind the counter and not that many people waiting, they couldn't seem to fix me a sandwich.

Then I ate some of the so-called Yodeler's Delight and it was just near perfect. Amazing how good food can soothe the savage beast. The Yodeler's Delight is well, not very diet friendly. Two kinds of cheese are melted into the tomato and ham on this wonderful bread - the sandwich is then put into a heated press for a few minutes - and the whole thing blends together in a slightly spicy, comfort-food way. My only quarrel with it was a perhaps little too enthusiastic application of the Dijon mustard.

My lunch companion had the Ol' School sandwich, which consisted of arugula, provolone, salami, onions and Dijon mustard - also put in a press. She opted not to have the red peppers on it. It was also a wonderful blend of flavors.

Recommended? Yes, but get something to drink while you wait for your sandwich. Do a puzzle. Read a book. Eat a pastry, which get delivered a whole lot faster.

Bonus point: The box lunch comes with chips and a cookie, giving Kraftsmen another chance to show off its baking techniques. The peanut butter cookie was delicious, enormous and provided snack food for the rest of the day.

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