$13 at Raja Sweets

Where: Raja Sweets, 5667 Hillcroft, 713-782-5667

What $13 gets you: A double helping of chick peas, rice, a salad, a sack of stellar samosas, pakoras and a lot of leftovers.

After some underwhelming cafeteria food for lunch and a long day, we decided it was time to treat ourselves with a sack of hot samosas. We've been in love with them ever since a friend ordered them on a recent trip to Bombay Sweets. After asking around about where to go for samosas, we were sent to Raja, and we weren't disappointed.

On this particular trip, it was a later night than usual. Raja closes at nine. We did get there in good time before closing, but the samosas and pakoras were cold and behind the counter.

We got a sack of four cold samosas ($2) and a sack of cold pakoras. We ordered a vegetable plate ($5.50) for the hungry husband at home; after looking over the steam tray, we decided just to get him chickpeas. The woman behind the counter heaped the to-go container as full as was possible, and we skipped the salad and filled the salad container mostly full of the carrot pickles. We managed to squeak out of there for $12.45, which left a crappy tip, so we cheated and threw in a couple extra dollars.

Recommended? Yes. Once they got home, we tossed our fried bounty into the broiler for a few minutes and were instantly appeased.

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Becky Means