2010: Year of the Meatball?

"2010 is going to be the year of the meatball," my friend Jay Francis declared as I ate a warm and gooey meatball parmesan sandwich at Kojak's Deli on 18th Street. When I looked puzzled, he told me he had been noticing meatballs in all the glossy New York food magazines.

So I Googled meatballs when I got home and found out he was right. Bon Appetitcalled meatballs the Dish of the Year in 2009. "Easy to make and incredibly satisfying, meatballs are bouncing back," read the copy. Food & Wine wrote a lot about meatballs last year too. Of course, that was last year. Maybe meatballs already had their day in the sun, as it were.

The real reason I ordered the meatball sandwich at Kojak's was because I had the restaurant's meatballs at a party at an Art Guys opening in around 2003 and I thought they were pretty good. It took me some six years to get around to visiting the restaurant to have them again. Anyway, it looked like the best thing on Kojak's menu at lunch time. (They only serve meatballs with pasta for dinner.)

So eat a meatball soon. You're either just in time to surf the national meatball wave -- or you just missed it.

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Robb Walsh
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