300 Bowling

I love nostalgic bowling alley food -- slightly overcooked tater tots, hot dogs with packet-relish, and fake cheese nachos. So when I was invited to a birthday party at 300 Bowling (925 Bunker Hill Road, 713-461-1207), another member of the growing "bowling lounge" genre, I was interested to see what the fare would be like.

I knew I wouldn't find my beloved heat lamped treats, but I was fairly impressed by the variety of food available. The menu boasted a decent range of offerings, like what you might find at a good pub, but the patrons seemed to go more for the finger foods, like the skewers and pizza. I was in the mood for a good burger, so I ordered the mushroom-Swiss. What ended up coming out was a large, juicy, half-pound patty, strangely drowned in a mushroom brown gravy, with more mushrooms and the cheese. Everything was excellent except for the gravy, which was just too salty and really didn't add a thing to the burger. Instead, it just confused the tongue. I scraped it off with a french fry. The poor french fries needed another minute in the fryer too.

Some of my companions got the sampler platter, which was surprisingly good and well put together in comparison to the confused burger. The onion rings, house-made chips, and buffalo wings were great paired with beer, and even the "BBQ" ribs (yes, I know they were not real barbecue) were meaty and not mushy or dry, despite the fact that they had probably been made in the oven. There was enough food on this platter for our entire party to share and sample, although I was too late to try the quesadillas.

The food was a bit on the pricey side in comparison to your standard tots and hot dogs, but 300 Bowling has the spirit of bowling food right -- good, shareable finger food.

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