5 Desserts That Are Actually Better Than Sex

Many claim the hyperbolic title - cakes, pies, layer desserts and the like - but few truly live up to the name. Here's a list we put together (from a solicitation of all the EOW bloggers) that could claim the description truthfully.

5. Paula Deen's "Is it really better than sex?" Cake While no one wants to associate the act of coitus with Paula Deen, there's no denying, she's a sexy older woman - I mean, c'mon, you know she's doing something fun in the bedroom with all that butter.

All Paula Deen sex jokes aside (did I just invent a new genre?), this cake is a favorite of EOW's very own Kevin Shalin, who can eat an entire cake, by himself, in three days. Now that's a damn good dessert. Must be the pudding, or the heavy cream, or the coconut...

4. Cheesecake In general, if you want something decadent, cheesecake will fill the void. Creamy, unctuous, sinful at times and not overly sweet, cheesecake is the dessert for people who don't necessarily like dessert.

The best part, and perhaps the kinkiest aspect is the endless array of toppings - just ask Lauren Marmaduke. She's been known to fall into a cheesecake trance, only waking to find that she's eaten the entire dessert. How's that for a release?

3. A Four-pack of Crave Cupcakes and a Quart of Milk It's in the name, as well as the cupcakes. You'd be hard up to find a cupcake at Crave you couldn't lust over. Add into the mix a satisfying accompaniment of milk, and you've got yourself an afternoon of unabashed, shameless, life-altering (and waist-altering) gluttony.

Thank you, Jason Bargas, for your courage in admitting your favorite way to spend a rainy Saturday in bed...

2. Flourless Chocolate Cake For all our gluten-challenged readers, this one's for you, and we might even have to say that it's better and more extravagant than its flour-containing cousin. It's gooey, teeth-sticking, chocolaty goodness that can deliver at least 15 minutes of pure pleasure (with a glass of milk, of course - unless you're also lactose intolerant).

Thanks to Joanna O'Leary, we now plan on experimenting with gold leaf on top, in reference, of course, to the cake and not the bedroom.

1. Rebecca Masson's Fluffernutters and Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's only natural that a woman who could turn a mushroom into a magical piece of award-winning dessert could also transform a traditional peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich (that sounds like a crazy sexual innuendo to begin with) into an incredibly indulgent cookie. Same goes for her bacon chocolate chip cookies; and if loving bacon is wrong, I don't ever want to be right.

My husband Lennie Ambrose, in between writing recaps of Next Iron Chef and fantasizing about Bryan Caswell as his next best broseph, could be caught devouring a dozen or two of these sexy-good cookies.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.