5 Simple, Spine-Chilling Snacks For Your Halloween Shindig

Much like crafting chilling cocktails, creating a monster menu is simple and fun if you use a little imagination. We're sharing a few of our favorite Halloween treats perfect for both grown-up's and kid's parties that are actually easy to make -- most recipes have only 3 to 5 ingredients!

5. Mummy Dogs

You need: - Hot dogs or cocktail sausages (one roll of biscuit dough will cover one 8-pack of dogs) - Biscuit or crescent roll dough - Mustard

How-to: - Preheat oven to 375. - Roll out biscuit dough. If using crescent roll dough, pinch the seams together. - Cut into 1 inch wide strips using sharp knife of pizza cutter. - Wrap dogs/ sausages, leaving a little bit of a gap at one end for the eyes. - Cook for 12 minutes at 375. - Add two dots of mustard for the mummy's eyes.

4. Vampire Bites

You need: - 2 medium red delicious apples - Half cup of creamy peanut butter - Half cup slivered almonds, blanched

How-to: - Core apples but don't peel them. Slice each apple into 8 wedges. - Spread peanut butter onto half of the apple wedges. - Press slivered almonds into one side of each apple wedge to create fangs. - Place an apple slice with the peanut butter side up and top with another apple slice to form a mouth with red lips and teeth.

3. Witch Hat Cookies

You need: - Fudge stripe cookies - Hershey's kisses - Frosting - orange, red or purple

How to: - Melt 1/2 of the Kisses by boiling water in a pan and melting the chocolates in a bowl sitting over the boiling water. - Dip a Kiss in the melted chocolate and place on the bottom of one of the Fudge Stripes cookies. - Make a border with the frosting around the base of the Kiss and if you wish, you can draw a cute bow onto the border. Let them dry.

2. Demon Eyes

You need: - A dozen eggs - Mustard - Miracle whip/ Mayo - Tabasco/ hot sauce - Pimento-stuffed green olive - Blue and red food coloring (optional)

How to: - Hard-boil the eggs. - Remove shells, rinse and dry. Slice in half, lengthwise. - Remove yolks and place in medium bowl. Smash yolks, add mustard and mayo in a 2 to 1 ratio to create a paste. Add hot sauce as desired. (If you want to have green "eyes," add blue food coloring now). - Fill egg white halves with yolk mixture, rounding and smoothing the tops of each. - Push a whole pimento-stuffed green olive into the center of each yolk, pimento side up. - Use a toothpick dipped in red food coloring (or hot sauce) to draw squiggles onto the whites.

1. Pretzel Ghosts

You need: - White chocolate candy coating - Pretzel rods - black icing or edible ink marker (marker can be found at Amazing Cake Supplies on Bellaire Blvd)

How to: - Melt the candy coating according to package directions in a microwave safe mug, then dip each pretzel in the melted chocolate. - Lift the pretzel away from the cup and allow any excess to drip off. Place coated pretzels with chocolate side up in a cup. - Allow 15-20 minutes to dry before drawing faces on each one. Chocolate coating should be dry to touch before applying ink or icing to it.

What do you think of these sweet and savory monster munchies? Do you have a fun Halloween party snack or recipe you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments section!

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