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5 Things to Eat with Eggs Besides Bacon

1. Boudin Purely by accident was this discovery made. A dismally small selection of breakfast accoutrements in the fridge coupled with an intense desire for a gut-busting weekend breakfast spurred this creative egg scramble. Topped with green onions, the final product would make any Cajun grandma proud.

2. Pasta Eggs aren't just for breakfast and neither is a simple pasta frittata. There are few meals so simple and filling. Any type of pasta will work, but cooking al dente is best to provide the best texture when mixed with eggs in a frittata. Top with sauteed zuchini and tomatoes for a healthy, fresh meal. If you're in a hurry, a warmed up jar of pasta sauce will do in a pinch. Newman's Own is usually a good bet.

3. Salad Maybe it's not such a revelation, but a poached egg with a runny yolk adds protein and richness to bitter salad greens tossed in a vinagrette. If poaching an egg causes you to tremble, a little practice and a touch of vinegar in your poaching liquid should do the trick.

4. Mirepoix You probably already know that mirepoix is a combination of onions, carrots and celery, but maybe you never thought to pair it with eggs. Add thinly sliced potatoes to make a mirepoix hash, sautee in butter and olive oil and top with a fried or poached egg. A bit of lemon juice and some fresh herbs added to the hash brightens up the whole dish and cuts through the richness of the runny yolk. A mirepoix omelet would also do the trick.

5. Ramen Also, not an uncommon practice, but if you've never dumped an egg into ramen, you're missing out. A lazy version of egg drop soup, the egg poaches quickly in the hot liquid and adds substance to what was once just a sodium bomb of curly noodles.

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