5 Ways to Celebrate National Onion Rings Day

Onion rings pair perfectly with American classics like burgers and hot dogs, and they're also good just by themselves. But onion rings are more than a side dish. Whether you prefer them beer-battered, baked, fried or bloomin', you'll love these five recipes to celebrate National Onion Ring Day.

5. Baked Panko Onion Rings

I love Panko breadcrumbs. I wish everything that is battered would be smothered in Panko. They're crispy, crunchy and take anything you coat them in to a whole new level. So, for those of you who are health-conscious, or who just love added texture and flavor, try baking your Panko-crusted onion rings.

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The crispy Panko onion rings brown perfectly in the oven; they look just as good as the fried version and save you a ton of calories. Since you're not frying these onions, you need to add something else, otherwise they'll fall flat.

Cut the onions into thick rings because the extra crunch from the onion balances well with the crunchy batter.

4. Buffalo Wing Flavored Onion Rings with a Blue Cheese Dip

There's nothing more perfect than spicy buffalo wings dipped in a blue cheese sauce, so why not make onion rings that taste just like buffalo wings and pair them with a creamy blue cheese dip? These spicy rings are simple and easy. After making the batter with cayenne pepper, a Cajun spice mix, white and black pepper, and dry mustard, all you have to do is dip the onion rings in the batter and fry to crispy perfection. They pack a little bit of heat, so go all out and make yourself the homemade blue cheese dip.

3. BLT with Onion Rings

This isn't a sandwich with onion rings on the side; it's a sandwich with onion rings on the inside. I came across this recipe online and just knew I had to make it. The onion rings add the perfect crunch to the BLT and complement the salty bacon strips. You can put fried or baked onion rings in this sandwich, whatever you prefer. I chose the Panko baked onion rings because I enjoy the texture of these the best and they fit in well with the rest of the sandwich.

2. Cheddar Cheese Bacon Burger with Onion Rings

Okay, this one is probably a little indulgent, but who cares? You'd eat the onion rings on the side anyways. Just like the BLT, put the onion rings inside the burger, and you've got a sinful, but delicious, meal. I prefer barbecue sauce with onion rings, so I jumped for joy when I found Bobby Flay's Cheyenne Burger. It's a burger with onion rings, cheddar cheese and bacon, topped with barbecue sauce -- heaven in a burger.

1. Fried Egg in an Onion Ring

There are two ingredients necessary to make this wonderful concoction: an egg and an onion ring -- that's it. When making all of these recipes, I didn't think that this would be the best, but, my friends, it was. Just heat your skillet to medium, place a sturdy onion ring in the middle and slowly pour the egg into the well of the ring. Make sure you form a base for the egg by filling the onion ring with the white of the egg first, then drop the yolk on top. Cover the pan with a lid to ensure the yolk is cooked, and then, you're done! Slice into the egg and let the yolk run all over the salty and savory onion ring. You'll never ask for toast again.

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