My never-ending search for unique cocktails and eligible cuties leads me all over this sprawling city. What I want to know is, why doesn't Houston have any real public transportation? All the driving puts a damper on my drinking — and my sex life. After obsessing about excessive energy consumption during the drive from south Houston to the 6th Street Bar & Grill (2701 White Oak Drive, 713-880-5999), I tried the Grey Goose lemonade served by the bodacious Audrey. Finally relaxing, I noticed the kitschy artwork, the spacious patio and the high testosterone level around me. It was steak night, and there were men, men and more men. It was all quite pleasurable until I noticed all the SUVs and pick-up trucks parked outside. Shit — would I be forced to sell out and find a man who would drive me around Houston in his big-ass truck? I got thoughtful. How about a rich man with a driver and Town Car? Or maybe I could just move to the Heights and walk to the bars. But what if I wanted to party in Midtown? My second cocktail didn't offer up any answers. I decided to head home and was thoroughly bummed when I realized I needed to stop for gas.

1 1/4 oz Grey Goose vodka

1/2 oz of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Splash sweet and sour

Splash soda

Splash cranberry juice

Lemon wedge

Mix all ingredients in a short cocktail glass. Garnish with lemon wedge. Fill 'er up.

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Debbylou Mountjoy