$7 at 99 Ranch Market

$7 at 99 Ranch Market

Where: 99 Ranch Market, 1005 Blalock Road,713-932-8899, www.99ranch.com

What $7 gets you: A nice lunch for two. Like many Asian grocery stores, 99 Ranch Market has a great food court, where lots of grab-and-go foods entice us to blow half of our grocery budget. Recently, we've become addicted to the $2.99 duck hot plates in the food court - which come with rice, cucumber and bamboo. It's tasty and filling, just enough for lunch.

This week when we went, they had a special on miso soup for 99 cents, so we got a steaming cup as well, which was enough to split. For $7, two people won't get stuffed to the brim, but it's enough to make you not go crazy grocery shopping while hungry.

Recommended: Yes. You can't beat fresh, cheap food that's really tasty. We might have to start going more often.

Bonus points: 99 Ranch Market has killer grocery prices and good sushi-grade fish.

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