$7 at BB Donuts


Where: BB Donuts, 515 Westheimer, Ste. B, 713-520-7557

What $7 gets you: Anything you want from the small, fast and easy lunch menu. (Or, because it is a donut shop as well, you could stuff your face with $7 worth of donuts, which we don't recommend.)

BB's -- which, per the business card, stands for "Best Breakfast" -- is an indistinct shop in an indistinct strip mall on lower Westheimer. One of our resident foodies picked it for "Best Breakfast Croissant," and we wanted to see how their lunch stacked up. (We'd actually passed by it a few times before we realized they offered non-donut-based lunches.) So on our quest to find a satisfying meal under $7, we figured we'd give the little place a try -- and we're half-glad we did.

The menu is straightforward: A hamburger is $2, a cheeseburger $2.50, and you can add fries and a drink to those for two bucks more. Plus there's small fried rice for $2.99, or large for $4.50. Fries are $1.50 and eggrolls are $0.89. We opted on the only other choice, a $3.25 barbecue pork Vietnamese sandwich -- plus two eggrolls and a Big Red ($6.15 total) -- then sat down at one of the few little tables and flipped through that awesome Nu Image plastic surgery advertorial magazine where "actual patients" show off their sexy new silicon selves. We were particularly engrossed in a lithe young actual patient on page 3 when our order was up.

We were freaking starving by the time we took our order back to the office, so we weren't too concerned with finding the most aesthetically pleasing shot. All we wanted to do was get down to the business of eating, and of hopefully finding an awesome new place for a Vietnamese sandwich. Sadly, upon our first bite, we realized such was not the case. The sandwich was utterly bland, an exercise in mediocrity. Holding back our tears, we tried to wash away the pain with a gulp of Big Red.

We then eyed the two golden-brown eggrolls with an awkward combination of reticence and hope. Would they redeem our lunch, or would they be as fake and unrewarding as the plastic ta-tas in Nu Image? Lo and behold, it didn't even take full completion of bite one to realize that these were some damn good eggrolls. Crisp and refreshingly un-greasy on the outside, and warm and moist on the inside, each bite more than made up for the lame sandwich. These were decent-sized, relatively hefty eggrolls, too, not those Tootsie Roll-sized imposters you get at some places. Thank you, kind eggrolls, for saving the day.

Recommended: There are plenty of other places in Houston to get a great Vietnamese sandwich, so we don't recommend BB's for that. But if you're hankering for an eggroll, you definitely owe it a try.

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