$7 at Cecil’s on West Gray

Where: Cecil’s, 600 West Gray, 713-527-9101

What $7 gets you: A slightly less painful hangover

We haven’t always been kind to Cecil’s over the years, but we can’t quit the place, mainly because our buddy has a dog that does well there, and also because of the pool tables. Not to mention the friendly staff, and the jukebox filled with what are basically classics by now, and the big patio for smoking if you got ‘em, and the…well, okay, we just like hanging out there.

And what we really like are the folks who come by and set up a grill on weekend evenings and cook up sausages and fajitas.

Recommended? Do you even have to ask?

These vittles might not be gourmet, but if you find yourself standing in line for dinner at 11 p.m., you probably won’t care. On a recent such evening, a $3.50 Shiner had left us with just enough for a $3 jalapeno sausage, which we ordered in a tortilla and then topped off with mustard, sour cream, shredded cheese and jalapenos. Did we go a little overboard with the condiments? Perhaps, but let’s just say it was a night of excess and leave it at that.

When asked where the sausage came from, the Spanish-speaking woman at the grill was coy, leading us to believe the answer was probably a) a magic forest where pork intestines grow from the ground fully stuffed, tenderly spiced and ready to eat, b) a pristine factory where unionized workers put in six-hour days and get free healthcare, weekly foot massages and two years of maternity leave, or c) Fiesta.

Either way, the results hit the spot.

Lucky for you: There are fajitas too.

Keith Plocek

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.