Dining Deals

$7 at Harry's

Where: Harry's Restaurant and Café, 318 Tuam, 713-528-0198

What $7 gets you: The Perfect Combo, $6.99 before tax. This actually isn't the perfect combo, but it suffices. We had a classic case of diner's remorse, since we kept wishing we'd ordered something Greek.

The Perfect Combo comes with two hotcakes -- bonus points for calling them "hotcakes" instead of pancakes -- two slices of bacon and two eggs. Choose from either buttermilk or buckwheat and your choice of egg preparation, of course. We chose buttermilk and scrambled.

Recommended: Yes, but don't expect anything better than an average breakfast at IHOP when you order the Perfect Combo.

The bacon was cooked to a firm, yet not crunchy, consistency, and we thought it was perfect. If you like yours a little on the chicharrones side, it's best that you specify your preference for crunchy bacon when you place your order. The eggs were buttery, to be expected, and nicely fluffy, but not out-of-this-world delicious: pretty average as far as eggs go. As the main attraction, the buttermilk hotcakes were quite mediocre, but on the upside of mediocre.

We left feeling full, but wishing we'd put our hard-earned $7 toward something with feta cheese and possibly olives.

Bonus points: Fantastic service, a steam table lunch and a laid-back setting with cool Flamenco music in the background.

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Amber Ambrose