$7 at IKEA

Hi, I'd like a Boren, a Barnslig, a Fixa, and French toast sticks. Where else on earth, besides IKEA, could you utter a sentence as beautiful as that and not be hauled off to the loony bin?

Maybe you didn't even realize that the Swedish furniture labyrinth has a full-service cafeteria serving extra-cheap fare like Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes. On December 10, they are even hosting something called a Swedish Christmas Julbord, which is an endless buffet of holiday deliciousness, all for the low, low price of $9.99.

I've always been curious to eat at IKEA, for some meal, and when the wife and I headed there to buy our Christmas tree (yes, they sell real Christmas trees every year for three days only, and all trees are only $20), we decided to stop in for a little breakfast action.

The advertised breakfast special is eggs, bacon and potatoes for 99 cents. Yep, you read that right. They probably count on people piling on extras to drive up the check, like the aforementioned French toast sticks, coffee, Swedish pancakes with lingonberries and a huge, extra-frosted cinnamon roll. We are the people that add that stuff, and the bill came out to $6.38.

So, was it even worth a five spot? Ja. Without a doubt, the French toast and potatoes were both previously frozen, but it was the best frozen versions of those items that I'd ever had. Also, the eggs may have been from a powder, but I will say that they really hit the spot. You can never go wrong with the cinnamon rolls either, even though I could do with one less pass with the icing gun.

If I lived closer I would probably hit up IKEA more often. And what did I say when I realized that I would be out of town for the Julbord? Förbannar!

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