$7 at Little Bitty Burger Barn

Where: Little Bitty Burger Barn, 5503 Pinemont Drive, 713-683-6700

What $7 gets you: Four pocket-sized sliders, topped with grilled onions, and a bed of thick-cut French fries will set you back $5.95. Put that leftover dollar towards a thick 'n dreamy chocolate malt.

Recommended: Meh, if you're in the neighborhood.

The Little Bitty Burger Barn is the kind of joint you want to love. As the name implies, it's housed in a teensy space comprised of a walk-up counter and maybe five tables. The walls are plastered with pictures and signs, and the servers are downright hilarious. It's well lit, upbeat, and full of jovial neighborhood folks. But sadly, the sliders here don't quite meet expectations. The buns are fluffy and slightly toasted, but the patties lack flavor -- and the onions don't help. They're juicy enough, yet not beefy enough. We're not ones to request more salt, but these lil' guys needed some doctoring. Fries, too. Are they edible? Sure, but no need to go out of your way.

But wait, there's more: Just when we were ready to give up on the pint-size burger place, we tried the chicken wings. Tender, moist and supa'-searin' explosive, these waaangs would bring even John Madden to his knees. If that's possible. Fair warning: The nitro flavor is so hot that even describing it gives us heatstroke. If you do decide to pony up, be sure to grab one of those richly satisfying chocolate malts to ease the pain.

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