$7 at Mai’s on Milam

Where: Mai’s Restaurant, 3403 Milam Street, 713-520-7684

What $7 gets you: Plenty full, plenty late.

I had the Cơm Tám Thit Nůơng (rice with BBQ Pork) for $6.25. My pork came well-done and was tasty. The rice was hot and fluffy. For being a simple meat-and-rice dish, it was nonetheless attractive.

All around me people were enjoying huge bowls of steaming soup, stir-fries and seafood. Mai’s has more than 175 items on the menu so you’re sure to find something you like, from simple rice dishes to deep fried whole fish or lettuce wraps. Many dishes come family-style, on large serving platters with enough for four people.

This is definitely a casual place, but not a dive. The dining room features nice glass brick walls, a little neon and the requisite tropical fish tank. I can imagine sequined hotties strolling in after-hours for a hot pot.

Recommended? Yes. Mai’s has tasty food and a friendly staff (our waitress kept patting me on the back and took a motherly interest in what I ordered). The price is right, the servings are ample and well-presented.

Lucky for you: Closing time is 4 a-freaking-m! Everyday. – Olivia Flores Alvarez

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