$7 at Poison Girl: The Tamale Lady

Where: Poison Girl, 1641 Westheimer, 713-527-9929, and various other locations

What $7 gets you: A dozen of the best tamales that money can freaking buy. You all have seen the Montrose tamale lady. She shows up between 10 and midnight with a bin full of warm tamales, magically right about the time you and your friends are good and drunk and ready to skate to a 24 hour restaurant or taqueria for some munchies.

Skeptics beware, if all you have had is frozen tamales from the grocery, you have no idea what you are missing. These tamales are buttery-smooth without being mushy, and their fillings are flavorful without being dry or soggy, with just the perfect amount of grease to satisfy the rowdiest of drunks.

There are other folks who have tried to match the glory that is a near-midnight bar snack, such as the short-lived grilled cheese sandwich delivery, and we've even caught a spring roll vendor, but the tamale reigns supreme.

Not only are they better than your store-bought fare, but for $7 for a dozen, they are cheaper. Be sure to try the little salsas that come with your tamales -- they can easily go head to head with the best taco trucks.

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