$7 at Poppa Burger Hamburger Stand

Where: Poppa Burger Hamburger Stand, 1622 N. Main St., 713-227-6721

What $7 gets you: A combination of two or three items from a menu that features just about anything you could expect from a roadside hamburger stand. It's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays.

A burger from Poppa Burger isn't too big, but it's cheap, and with $7, you can load up on anything from breakfast tacos to onion rings to shrimp baskets. The most expensive burger on the menu is the double-meat, double-cheese with bacon and jalapeños ($4.02).

We ordered the Big Poppa cheeseburger ($2.59), a couple bacon, egg and bean breakfast tacos ($1.48) and pink lemonade (78 cents). The cheeseburger was pretty standard -- nothing that dazzled, nothing that disappointed. The breakfast tacos were good, but the tortilla was paper-thin and crispy, a bad combination when you're wrapping it around greasy eggs and bacon.

The biggest problem came when we ordered the tacos. Each breakfast taco includes beans and two other ingredients, but the woman taking our order told us that Poppa was out of beans for the day. Obviously, we asked if we could add something else to our bacon and egg tacos, something like potato. The answer was no. Twice.

The food also seemed to take a little long, but any shortcomings in service are made up by the crowd that shows up at Poppas. Without saying a word, we found ourselves engaged in conversations with two other customers, talking about cheap coffee and how the world has become all about money.

The seating is all outside, so expect to eat on a picnic table in the shade.

Recommended: Maybe. It's not the best cheap food around, but if you need a quick cheeseburger on Christmas morning, it's probably your only choice.

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