Dining Deals

$7 at Tan Tan

Where: Tan Tan Restaurant, 6816 Ranchester, 713-771-1268

What $7 gets you: A bowl of Houston's best noodles -- there are eight pages of noodle dishes, including some 87 soups on the menu. Tan Tan specializes in the curly egg noodles called mi (pronounced "me") in Vietnamese. Mi soups are made with a pork and dried shrimp broth and served with a wide choice of toppings including barbecued pork, shrimp and wontons. Don't ask for pho, the popular beef noodle soup -- Tan Tan doesn't serve it.

Recommended: The most popular order is E1, mi hoanh thanh, a bowl of pork and shrimp broth with curly egg noodles, won tons and slivered pork for $5.25.

Extra points: Mi is the traditional thing to eat when you have been out all night drinking. Tan Tan stays open until 3 a.m. on Saturday nights for your sobering-up pleasure.

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