$7 at Ziggy's

Where? Ziggy's Bar and Grill (302 Fairview, 832-519-0476)

What $13 gets you: A chickpea burger and four "Ziggy snacks."

I stopped by Ziggy's Bar and Grill (302 Fairview, 832-519-0476) seeking a filling, cheap, vegetarian meal. I'm addicted to their huge chickpea burgers ($5.50) which are made in house from a mixture of chickpeas, carrots, pecans and secret spices. Since I don't even really like chickpeas, I'm always amazed how good this burger is. It's definitely not going to fool you into thinking you're eating beef, but the tender patty is very flavorful with a delightful surprise of crunch thanks to the pecans. They put it on a big, fresh, toasted bun and dress it with lots of lettuce, thickly sliced white onion, juicy tomato and pickles. I added a slice of mild, creamy Monterrey Jack cheese for a mere 50 cents more.

With a dollar left to spend, I couldn't stop myself from ordering four "Ziggy snacks" ($1) which are savory shortbread cookies seasoned with salt, fresh herbs and a seriously spicy aftertaste. They sit on the bar looking like dry dog treats, but luckily they taste nothing like Milk-Bones; these things are crunchy, buttery and super-addictive. The burger was enough to satisfy my appetite on its own, but the welcome burst of zesty flavor and crunchy texture of the Ziggy snacks made the meal truly satisfying.

Recommended? Yes. And for only $7, it's a meal I'll soon be repeating myself.

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