A Bad Day for Football and for Nachos at Reliant Stadium

Although my expectations were very low, when I got a hankering for fake-cheese nachos at the Texans and Cowboys Sunday I knew I had to have some, whatever they actually tasted like.

As we approached the nacho stand called Nachos Tejas, I noticed that right next to the cauldron o' yellow ooze was a steam tray of chopped beef and warm barbecue sauce. It was there as a topping for the barbecue baked potatoes they offer. I remembered the barbecue nachos available at most places in Memphis, Tennessee. They usually include a large helping of pulled pork and sauce as well as the typical nacho fixin's. It sounds weird, but it really, really works.

I asked the emotionless server if he would top my nachos with the barbecue mixture and turn average into extraordinary (or maybe just slightly better than average but hey, I'd had a few beers already). The gentleman did not answer with words but only a slight shake of the head "no," and a small "uh-uh" grunt. So I got a "cheese" and chili mixture and self applied jalapenos and onion.

I can't say what disappointed me more, the ordinary nachos or the horrendous performance by the Texans on the field. There were a lot of Dallas fans in the stands on Sunday giving us Texans fans grief. I'll be they can get barbecue beef nachos in their giant new Cowboys stadium, too. They have now beaten us twice.

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