A Better Burger

A Better Burger

The downtown Spec's Wine and Spirits (2410 Smith) houses a deli that offers a variety of cold-order sides as well as weekly specials. When we visited, the weekly special was a hamburger. Nadine, my courteous help on the other side of the deli case, began to ask me questions.

"What kind of bread would you like? What kind of cheese would you like? Would you like an order of fresh-to-order onion rings? They are great!"

The options kept coming, and we ended up with a hamburger on onion bread topped with havarti cheese with a side of onion rings.

The onion rings were hot, crispy and on par or better with what you get at fast food joints in town. The onion bread created a delightfully unique hamburger that wasn't dry or chewy. This really was a great lunch experience.

The only downside of the meal was the fact that the burger was cooked thoroughly. We prefer juicy medium-rare burgers but completely understood the necessity of cooking it to well-done when dealing with the general public.

This meal had a relatively inexpensive price tag. Great cheese, special bread and hot onion rings only set us back $5.25, including tax. Thanks Nadine, we will be seeing you again soon.


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