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A Café Bites Nibble

"I went to school in the Northeast, and that's where I was introduced to Tasti D-Lite frozen desserts," says Aaron Webster, the franchise owner of Houston's first Tasti D-Lite (1707 Post Oak Blvd., 713-622-5483). "I found it to be a great product, so much healthier than other desserts. It's made with skim milk, so it's light and non-fat, and not packed with all the things that are not so good for you. If you love ice cream, this is a great choice for you and your kids."

After graduating, Aaron started out his career in oil and gas finance but used to take frequent trips to New York and always stopped by for his "Tasti fix." "I just hope Houstonians develop the same passion for the product as they do in the Northeast, where people go out in zero degree weather to get their Tasti fix," he says. "You can go online and check out our flavor-of-the-day calendar. We have 120 different flavors, which can be made any time."

When Café Bites visited the weekend Tasti D-Lite opened, we tried three of the six standard flavors that were available that day: French Vanilla, Peanut Butter and Chocoleche, a combination of chocolate and dulce de leche (caramel). For a non-fat product, it was remarkably tasty, and while the mouthfeel could never be described as creamy, it still satisfied a desire for something sweet while not feeling like a sin.

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Paul Galvani