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A Cafe Bites Nibble

In the space that housed Café Le Jadeite on West Gray emerges a new restaurant, Café Ginger (1952 West Gray, 713-528-4288). Jack Tsai is the manager. "I used to work for Toro Japanese restaurant before coming here," says Tsai. "Toni Sha is the owner. He was one of the partners in Le Jadeite as well as Qin Dynasty, and when the other partners decided to quit, Toni took over. We added a sushi bar and expanded the menu with more variety of Chinese and Japanese dishes, but kept the décor the same. We serve mainly Hunan cuisine," he says. This fine-dining Asian restaurant is the place to go to enjoy a spectacular décor along with your Chinese fare or sushi. Café Bites decided to try out both cuisines with a six-piece sushi combination to start, followed by a spicy Beijing Pork dish with fried rice. The extensive menu has items to please almost everyone.

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Paul Galvani