A Cafe Bites Nibble

Jim Ginger, a 35-year veteran of the hospitality industry, opened Napa Grille Urban Wine Bar last year; and it's now very well established. He recently opened Bullpen Pizza & Sports Bar (14019 Southwest Freeway, 281-242-0190) three doors down from Napa, after Out Of Africa decided to shut its doors after less than a year in that space. "The community was looking for something like this," says Ginger. "This is a place where you can just kick back and enjoy yourself - a sort of watering hole and gathering place for the whole community."

Ginger describes the food at Bullpen as "typical old-school stuff like pizza, both deep-dish and thin-crust, burgers, hot dogs, quesadillas, wings, nachos. As you know, we make everything fresh, so things take a little longer to prepare." The place is open until one a.m., and Ginger hopes that it will become the gathering place for all the little league and soccer teams in the area.

Café Bites tried a great-tasting thin-crust Popeye pizza with spinach, garlic and bacon and a huge Super Nacho plate. With flat-screen TVs on every surface and a bar that runs the length of half the football field (the floor is painted like one), this spot has the potential to keep the fans happy.

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