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Johnny Huynh is part of the family that owns Singha Thai, which has been serving the west side of town several years. Now he's part of new downtown venture Bangkok Room (914 Main, 713-658-0950). "Everything is made fresh to order," he says. "We decided to do Thai and sushi together, since nobody is really doing this downtown, so you get more of a choice. In many sushi places you get poor quality sushi for high prices. Our sushi is very high quality but our prices are very reasonable. The food has to be the best quality."

Huynh says Bangkok room has been packed at lunch but slower in the evenings. "We expect to draw a big crowd from the sports arenas," he says. "We're also working on our liquor license and should have that soon."

Cafe Bites tried the "spider box" sushi combination with six spider rolls and four mixed sushi pieces, as well as the pad ginger beef, made with sautéed ginger, scallions, pineapple and black mushrooms. And we were pleased with the taste and quality of the food.

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Paul Galvani