A Cafe Bites Nibble

Fadi Dimassi recently opened two Fruituzy yogurt shops (12360 Westheimer, 281-556-0150 and 8401 Westheimer, 713-782-1366). "While I was in California taking a class on fruit carving, a friend of mine, Malek Soussan, took me to a yogurt shop and that's where it all started," said Dimassi.

"This is a very healthy concept, frozen yogurt with fresh fruit toppings, which goes well with the healthy food we serve at Fadi's. We hired a company to do the branding and develop the logo, and maybe one day, we'll franchise it. We have four or five machines in each location, each with two flavors in them. All the yogurt is non-fat, and three are always sugar-free. We only use fresh frozen yogurt for better quality, no powdered yogurt."

The nice thing about the place is they'll let you taste-test all the flavors you want, and it's sold by weight. The peanut butter, mango and pomegranate were favorites topped off with blackberries and pecans. Sinning just got a whole lot healthier...

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