Pot Luck

A Cafe Bites Nibble

When Scott Sen, co-owner of the new Bayou Mama's Seafood & Oyster Bar (13165 Northwest Freeway, 713-690-6262), decided to open a new place with his brother, they had a debate. "I wanted to open a bar but my brother and partner, Mike, wanted to open a restaurant." The two came to a compromise. Half the place is a bar, and half is a restaurant. Scott calls it "a sports bar serving Cajun seafood."

"We wanted a great place to hang out and watch a game and where you can get some great seafood. We also wanted a place where you could linger after the kitchen closes and continue to have a drink at the bar - we close when the customers go home," says Scott.

"We make a great gumbo and crawfish," he adds, "and people really like the cornmeal batter on all of our seafood." When Cafe Bites visited, the gumbo was excellent. And as long as you like everything fried, you'll enjoy any of the combination seafood platters, which contain a variety of shrimp, crawfish, oysters and fish. A decent fried rice makes a good sub for the fries.

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Paul Galvani