A Cafe Bites Nibble

Tom Schwab and Tom Brown built Vintage 46 Wine Bar (2418 Sunset, 713-524-6318) themselves. "We basically wanted to find a place to put our 401k," says Brown. "We were looking for something that we wouldn't have to work too hard at. Boy, were we wrong. We're working harder than ever. This is a very comfortable place, very warm and it feels like home." It sure does, perhaps because the space used to actually be someone's home.

The menu is expanding every week. "Friends of ours recommended a great chef, Kristin Powell, who is very talented," says Brown. "She's making some great flat bread pizzas as well as some traditional cheese plates." The evening Café Bites visited, Dave Cofran, the winemaker of Highland Hills Winery in the Napa Valley, was in town for a wine tasting. $5 allowed us to sample three of his wines, a 2002 Cab, a 2004 Zin and a 2006 Cab, which was the most full-bodied. A plate of six cheeses ranging from a mild gouda to a more pronounced manchego to a strong blue cheese, along with a charcuterie plate of salami, prosciutto and speck proved to be the perfect fare for the wines and caused us to linger well into the evening.

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