A Contest: Send Us Your "Ten Things to Eat Before You Die" List

After reading the Omnivore’s

100 Things to Eat Before You Die

lists at Serious Eats and our colleague Sarah DiGregio’s

Traveling Omnivore’s 20

list at the

Village Voice

, we got into the list-making spirit.

But the Omnivore thing was too vague for us. (One of Sarah’s 20 was “smoked brisket in Texas”-- like they all taste the same?) So we started thinking of single category lists, like Ten Texas Briskets to Eat Before You Die, or Ten New York Pizzas to Eat Before You Die.

Here’s an example:

Ten Texas Sausages to Eat Before You Die

1. Pittsburg Hot Links

2. Elgin Hot Guts

3. Vencil’s Turkey Sausage

4. Slovacek's Garlic Smoked Sausage

5. Poffenberger’s Cheddar Jalapeño Summer Sausage

6. Kielbasa sandwich at Krolczyk Meats

7. Burton’s dried “jerky sausage”

8. “Wet sausage” at City Market in Luling

9. Rings at Kreuz Market in Lockhart

10. Deer sausage from Vincek’s

And then we decided to make it a contest.

Here’s the deal: Come up with your own “10 Things to Eat Before You Die” list and put it in the comments section of this post. You can pick any theme or category that appeals to you. We’ll pick the winners. The prizes will be selected from our pile of recently published weird cookbooks.

Ready, set, go!

-- Robb Walsh

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