A Dog at YiaYia's Roadster Grill

This is part two in a series highlighting restaurants that occupy Taco Bell buildings. YiaYia's Roadster Grill at 5210 Bissonnet is the all-American restaurant housed in an old TB building that serves Greek food and has what we consider to be the best burger in Bellaire, although on our most recent visit we got a hot dog.

We needed a little hangover cure, and a big dog on a bun was just the right amount of meat and grease to fix things up. We love hot dogs, and sometimes little mom-and-pop places do them the best. Ours came with mustard, relish and onions. Next time we'll ask for bacon on top.

There's only a couple more places we know of that occupy old Taco Bell buildings in Houston, so if anybody runs across one that serves any kind of food, good or bad, let us know. If it still has the actual bell on top, we will get really excited.

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