A Domino's Convert

Trust me, I am a champion of the SLGT movement. In fact, for my family's tradition of eating pizza on Christmas Eve I really tried to support local so that we could all grow together. So I called Daddy-O's and Lazaro's, and as the phone rang and rang, I soon realized that local business owners probably want to be with their local families, so Domino's it was.

I'd had Domino's a couple times since they launched their new better-pizza campaign and hadn't been disappointed before, but this was an occasion to try a couple different options from the menu. One thing that is critical to me is to go and pick pizza up from the restaurant, local or not. There is no possible way that a delivery driver is going to get a pie to my house as fast or fresh as me driving straight from the place to my house. I know for sure that I don't have 11 stops to make in between, so that is the only true way to avoid the Noid.

We ordered the Memphis BBQ Chicken, a MeatZZA Feast and made up our own with feta, chicken, spinach olives and mushrooms on a Brooklyn-style crust. We couldn't have been more satisfied. The pizzas were hot, crispy, molten, delicious and buttery, with plentiful toppings. The Memphis was the overall winner, with the slightly sweet sauce and blend of cheeses. That one had at least four or five chunks of chicken per slice.

I kind of wish I didn't enjoy it so much. It will be a tough decision the next time I order pizza, to be sure. I want to SLGT, but for the time being, I just can't quit SDBIARG (Supporting Domino's Because It's Actually Really Good).

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Lennie Ambrose