A Hippie Stroll through Field of Greens

Recently, my wife suggested that, to help counteract a week of overindulgence, we head to Field of Greens for lunch.

I had never heard of the place. I looked up the menu and discovered a tree-huggers' utopia. Offerings include stuff like vegan grilled chicken and marinated wheat roast strips (still not sure exactly what that is), so I was skeptical. Field of Greens does also offer salmon, both in filet and patty form, so if you feel like you must eat animal flesh then you won't totally be left out.

After much debate and after getting the cashier's recommendation at the walk-up counter, I chose the falafel burger. My wife ordered the Macrobiotic Platter, which is a cornucopia of all things roughage and fiber. Steamed mixed veggies, steamed kale with miso sauce, organic brown rice, pickled daikon, beans and seaweed were all piled on the plate with some discs of tofu quiche. Can't get enough kale? Extras of any of the selections are offered for free. We got more tofu quiche so that I could try some.

The falafel burger was crispy and filling, if a slight bit dry. I asked for a side of the miso sauce and cup of the organic barbecue to dampen the sandwich, and that worked well. The macrobiotic platter was really tasty and satisfying as well. Everything was very fresh, the miso was delicious on the kale, and the brown rice was cooked perfectly. I really enjoyed the quiche as well. It tasted more like a piece of frittata because it lacked the richness a true quiche would have, but it was a nice substitute.

They say that real men don't eat quiche. Well, take my man card away, I guess, because when I need a "cleanse" again, I will be glad to take a hippie stroll through Field of Greens.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.