A House Divided: Mango's

Mango's Café (403 Westheimer) is like your androgynous vegan little brother. He doesn't really know what or who he is and decides to be as vague as possible when surrounded by strangers. This house of mostly vegan cuisine and rock and roll almost offers some really incredible food experiences. Mango's serves terrific vegetarian fare; the green curry tofu, the triple-decker peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich aptly called the Terminator, and the Asian-influenced tofu banh mi are merely a few casual and inventive options here.

Cheap and generally bad beer becomes more acceptable at a cost of $1, but we couldn't even finish the whole crappy can. In fact, the beer is what really stabs this place in its veggie heart. When we visited, the whole place emitted the smell of old, sour beer.

To us, Mango's Café is more of a venue than a food establishment. Almost every night, local bands are up on the stage banging it out. This doesn't necessarily bother us, except for the fact that the staff seams to be more in tune with the jams than keeping the place as clean and shiny as an eating facility should be. Speaking of facilities, the restrooms weren't up to par when we visited, either. If Mango's could clean up its act, it could be one of the most innovative and accessible vegetarian restaurants in town. Seriously, the chef here is amazing.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.