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A Lone Pint or Two Tonight

Beer lovers can get a sampling of what may be Houston's next microbrewery tonight during a free tasting at Chelsea Wine Bar in Seabrook. The crew behind Lone Pint Brewery will have seven kegs of beer, four different recipes, for sipping.

The Lone Pint crew -- Trevor Brown and his wife Christi and Trevor's sister Heather Bolla -- has been brewing under that name (and out of the Brown's Clear Lake garage) for about four years. Brown and Bolla first hatched the idea over pints at Boondoggles, the bar next door to Chelsea on Nasa Parkway. Brown has been home-brewing since his college days.

"We have six recipes that are complete, that are in the 'Done Folder,' as Trevor calls it," Bolla said. "But we're only going to market with three. And we brew seasonals, so that's why we continuously brew to test recipes."

The beers on tap tonight will be 667: Neighbor of the Beast, their citrusy IPA; Zeno's Pale Ale, a bitter pale; and Lily & Seamus, a blonde ale. They'll also have a keg of Cool Front Ale, their seasonal amber brew.

Bolla said her brother plans to relocate northwest of Houston in the spring to purchase some land to start the actual brewery. Once that's done, Lone Pint can start selling their beer, hopefully within the next year and a half. They're a registered LLC but they don't have their brewer's license yet, which is why the results of their recipes experimentation must be given away for free."

"We can't get a brewer's license until we have an established address that is not our home address," she said.

Tonight, they just hope to build some interest around their recipes. The kegs will be tapped at 7 p.m.

Chelsea Wine Bar is at 4106 Nasa Parkway in Seabrook.

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