A Mass-Produced Meal

We just wrote about our weird and depressing meal at The Egg and I, and we felt the need to elaborate more on what is fundamentally wrong with this menu. We singled out the Egg and I, but we are really talking about any mass-produced concept period.

This place "proudly serves" factory-produced food and at the same time is attempting to offer its customers fresh plates of hot value. In our opinion, this creates confusion for the everyday citizen who is looking for an honest-to-God wholesome meal. Feedlots and overstuffed, inhumane chicken coops with unsanitary conditions are what is hidden behind these plates. We have clouded our minds with images of farms and happy-looking cows found on products from the supermarket, but the reality of the mass-produced market is not a sunny farm. Cows are stuffed next to each other in complete discomfort, and pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones to counteract the filth and pain of the animals we are consuming.

On the positive side, there are things we do can about this.

Purchasing fruits and veggies in season is difficult but important -- fruits and vegetables do not grow year round, only in their respective season. Buying local free-range poultry and other unmodified meat products makes a world of difference as well. Even if you have to buy frozen chops, it beats purchasing food pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones. Local farmers markets are ideal for pasture-raised meat and produce, but some local items can be found at regular food stores too. We understand that it takes time to adjust to change, and it is very hard to be 100 percent local, but baby steps are better than none.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.