A New Falafel Frontier at Falafel Frenzy

Famous falafel: Ayman Jarah, the owner of Falafel Frenzy (914 Prairie, 713-237-8987), decided he wanted to get in the kitchen and invent something. We are forever grateful that he did, because his tinkering led to a new kind of falafel. Oh sure, it's still made with the same basic ingredients as other falafel — chickpeas, onion, garlic, parsley and spices — but it is the shape and the topping that make it special. Each is shaped like a mini donut about the size of a silver dollar, which maximizes the crunchy exterior and yet, somehow, preserves moistness. After frying, the falafel is dipped in sesame seeds, which add an incredible burst of flavor. It's available in a threesome with pita slices ($3.50), in a sandwich ($4.50) or on a platter with hummus, tahini and salad or fries ($6). One bite and you'll wish they were available by the dozen. Keep tinkering, Ayman; who knows what else you might come up with?

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