A New Orleans Saint

Chef Donald Link has taken French-inspired Southern cuisine to New Orleans's warehouse district at Herbsaint (701 Saint Charles Avenue). Famous for duck confit and frog legs, this institution is a must-stop on your next getaway to New Orleans. We ordered the confit, and it was an ideal appetizer. We also ordered the daily shrimp special, shrimp Pontchartrain, and one plate was enough for two people without question.

We felt the waiters here were less stuffy about us splitting the gigantic dish than some have been in Houston, partly due to New Orleans's "every customer counts" mentality. The waitstaff was prompt and did not intrude, and the vibe was calm and cool.

It seems every restaurant outside the quarter has a classically inspired cocktail menu, and Herbsaint is no exception. Sazeracs, Pimm's Cups, and Dark and Stormys line the cocktail menu. If you don't plan on taking a trip to NOLA soon, you can order Chef Donald Link's book, Real Cajun, here.

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