A New Way to Crawl

Any Houstonian who's fond of beer is familiar with Saint Arnold, our hometown hero microbrewery.  And anyone familiar with Saint Arnold has been on at least one of their famed pub crawls through Rice Village, Galveston, Midtown or any number of other locations (even Austin!).

As of late, the pub crawls had become enormous, the hordes of people careening from location to location like a tidal wave crashing down upon the little pubs who host the crawls.  It was beginning to get slightly out of hand.  But no one wants to stop a good pub crawl.

So Saint Arnold came up with an inventive way of promoting their routine pub crawls, while consciously attempting to make them a bit smaller and a bit less overwhelming.

The brewery is now using Twitter -- and only Twitter -- to inform their fans of upcoming pub crawls.  Whereas before, their weekly newsletter -- which was emailed to thousands of people across the city -- gave people plenty of advance notice to gather their friends and descend upon Under the Volcano or whichever location was chosen as the starting point, their relatively small following of 1,100 people on Twitter only get a day or two's notice before the crawl gets underway.

Tonight will be the first Twitter Pub Crawl that Saint Arnold has organized.  It begins at 6:00 p.m. at Hans' Bier Haus in Rice Village and will progress to two other stops from there.  Pint glasses will be distributed to all those who complete the crawl and an untapped cask of Christmas Ale awaits thirsty patrons at the final stop.

Christmas Ale and pint glasses aside, I'm eager to see how this pub crawl will stack up against previous Saint Arnold events.  Will it indeed be smaller?  Will it be as enormous as ever?  Will Hans' Bier Haus get rid of the terrible jukebox they have now and bring back their old one?  Only tonight will tell.

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