A New Year's to Rave About: Part Two

Now that you have a handle on some delicious drinks to serve at your low-key, low-expectations New Year's bash, you've got to have some food to go with them. After all, foodgloriousfood is what brings us together and keeps us from passing out before midnight. We're big fans of the appetizer array -- you know... chips, dips and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spears.

Here are some additional ideas for easy-licious enchanting eats to make this the unshittiest New Year's ever. Stay tuned for our list of splendid sweets!

Enchanting Eats

  • Pick up a Swiss Cheese Soufflé from Elizabeth Swift Catering. This cosmic dish arrives frozen in a Ziploc bag or in your very own soufflé dish. Just bake for 75 minutes at home, and serve with chips, baguette slices or fresh fruit. This thing? Totally rules. A cheese soufflé is every bit as amazing as it sounds: It's beautiful, unique, and beyond delicious.
  • If you love cheese -- and you know we do -- try our new favorite appetizer: brie with dulce de leche. Simply top a round of brie with warm dulce de leche and garnish with pecans. Easy, elegant, and uber-enticing. Throw it on the bar and let your guests graze. Don't forget the cracker snackers.
  • No party's complete without bacon, so here you go: Wrap bundles of 6-8 green beans (that 2-3 inches in length) with bacon, then brush with a butter, brown sugar, soy sauce combo and roast for 30 minutes. These bounteous bundles are lightly sweet and nicely hearty; they'll add oomph to any cocktail buffet, holiday or not.

Any other simple New Year's eats we should know about?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.